Cape Cod Style Homes

The Cape Cod style homes are named after a cape located in Barnstable County in the state of Massachusetts.

Origin of the Cape Cod Style

The origin of this type of house goes back to the time when the English colonists arrived in New England in the 17th century, they made an adaptation of a style of their land called English Hall, with materials from the soil they arrived at.

The initial intention was to seek maximum protection from the cruel climate of New England at that time.

The name of Cape Cod was given by a reverend named Timothy Dwight IV, in the 18th century, who after a stay in Cape Cod, after his observations in the area, where he found many with similar styles, decided to take that name for this style of housing.

Cape Cod House Style Features

  • Roofs are sloped at around 45ยบ, so that the snow does not remain on the roofs and it is easy for it to slip, avoiding damage to the roofs
  • Very large central chimneys
  • Central main entrance and roof overhang
  • Windows on both sides of the main entrance (Make sure to keep those looking their best with regular window washing St George!)
  • The upper floor is space is reduced by the roof’s stucco
  • The second floor has windows raised above the roof, and are located in the attic.
  • Cedar shingle roofs and more recently asphalt shingles
  • Facades with predominant symmetry

Cape Cod Style House Interior

It can be said that they are houses of floor and a half, since the second floor the useful space is reduced by the inclination of the roof, whose interior designs have varied in the last years.

The chimney orients the center of the house in its interior, with the perspective of heating the whole house, living room and kitchen are designed for a quick communication towards the chimney, the pantries and the rooms are located along the perimeter of the house, in the back of the second floor and in the second level.

Classification of the Cape Cod House Style

There are four cathedrals of Cape Cod style houses

There are of a single bay, with a wider exterior for the rooms, with a door and a window in front, but without total depth.

It is two bays, a door on one side of the house and with two windows on each side of the door.

Three rooms, it has a door with two windows on one side and a single window on the other side.

It has an entrance door in the center of the house, with two windows, one on each side of the entrance.

The distribution of the first three is similar, when passing the main door, there is a staircase in the center that leads to the second floor, which usually consists of two rooms for the children of the house.

On the main floor there is a living room as a social area, also located on this floor the kitchen, the dining room and the main room.

The arduous cold climates and the requirement to adapt to them, have been the cause of the development of this type of architecture, which is faithful to the North American housing construction, with this vision about all about Cape Cod style homes, the excellent classic aesthetics descending from the British construction tradition is confirmed.