Victorian Style Homes

Have you been wondering what makes a Victorian style house unique? Truly, there are many wonderful and unique things about Victorian homes. Victorian homes once dominated an era of architecture. The homes had many intricate features that made them distinctive and desirable. The homes were notable for their designs that were ultra impressive and also the homes were massive in size.

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Considering the theme
In terms of the theme of homes that are classified as being Victorian, the theme was that the homes were ornate as well as amazingly superfluous. This was based on the implementation of a higher level of decoration that was to be applied to the style of the home. Thus, homes were no longer simply constructed to be functional, but homes had progressed to be exquisitely beautiful. Therefore, builders developed details, shapes and patterns that were used in order to produce a highly visual appeal that was astoundingly impressive and highly creative.

Considering the windows
Much distinction was applied in the construction and design of the windows that were placed in Victorian homes. Within just one home, there were many diversified sizes and shapes of windows. The differences were noted in the second story windows in comparison to the first story windows. It was quite a prevalent occurrence to apply decorative panels and to implement arches. Also, such homes also started implementing bay windows, which certainly contributed to providing a new dimension of intrigue. Yet, another form of prevalent window type is noted as being the eyebrow window. This type of window possessed a curvature at the top of a window. Then it was also popular to use stained glass in the design and construction of windows for Victorian homes.

Considering architecture and design
During the rising of the development of Victorian homes, there was a truly transformative architectural style, due to the fact that builders implemented the usage of novel techniques in regard to the construction of Victorian homes. Hence, the result was that the homes were marked as being more ornate in fashion and were much more complex in their design, both inside and outside the home. Moreover, there was the usage of better quality siding as well as trim, which was made possible due to the provision of the railways. Also, there were advancements in regard to the coloring of paints, which permitted the usage of brighter colors for painting homes.

Considering ornateness and materials
Victorian homes depicted grand ornateness in regard to the style and the decorative elements that were added to them. Also, there was a combining of textures and materials, which was true of most Victorian homes. On the other hand, it is realized that there could be a wide variation of the materials that were applied in the construction of various Victorian homes in different locations. This was based on the reality that there were different materials available in different areas. For example, the west did not have as much clay, but was rich in wood. Therefore, Victorian homes in the west were made of wood. However, in the Eastern region, there was much clay, which is why many builders opted to apply the usage of bricks in regard to the homes that they constructed. Homes constructed of both wood and bricks usually had carvings that were ornate for the lintels and sills of the windows. Such details added to the charm and distinctiveness of the homes.